Summer Volunteer Program

Looking for ways to enhance your pre-health experiences, build-up your resume, volunteer through directly giving back to the community and get FREE training? AND do you have some extra time this summer? If you answered yes, then we have the program for you!


Here is a brief overview of how our summer program will work:

  1. Apply to join as a member of Delanco EMS
  2. Interview with our membership committee
  3. Sign-up to attend the EMT Training Course –¬†Course Offering List
  4. Attend and pass CPR Certification Class for the Healthcare Provider
  5. Start volunteering on the ambulance as an observer
  6. Begin driver’s training on operating the ambulance


Basic Requirements

  1. Submit a complete application, complete the interview and pass the background check
  2. Submit a note of medical clearance from your healthcare provider
  3. Volunteer 2-3 Duty Crew shifts (5 hours each) per month
  4. To be eligible for FREE training and the annual community college tuition reimbursement program, you must sign a contract stating you will be an active member of the organization for four (4) years


Any questions or concerns, please email EMS Chief Michael Furey at “”.